Was really sure where to post this,but figured this was safest place. If not let me know and I will repost in the correct space.

So after much frustration of dealing with CNC Facebook groups and CNC forums, mostly lack of response or slow response time. So I started a hobbyist CNC Discord that I'd like to invite everyone to join. I personally find discord to be more interactive, and to have higher response time over Facebook and traditional forums. The Discord is there to get help with problems you maybe haveing woth hardware or software, and show off what projects you maybe working on. Also with any Discord it's there to build community. The Discord is currently very basic and will be going through changes as the discord grows and I see what is need for the discord. It is still kind of young and small but hopefully you will join and help us grow.


If you have any problems joining please let me know and I will post a new link

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