I have a stepper motor driver that came out of a chinese built machine. I am stealing some of its parts for a new project.
I'm planning to use the stepper motor and its driver which is a model ATMH-4A/21x
I have found some sellers for this on alibaba, but no documentation.

My end result for this would be to have a way to set and adjust the speed of the stepper motor.
I'm planning to use it to cut a piece of candy which is being extruded.
The stepper will have a rotating cutter. The candy will extrude and be cut by the cutter which will be speed adjusted to provide me the end candy weight that I desire.

I have the correct input power and output connector for the motor. I can't figure out what the labels for the middle connector are.
I've attached some images.
ThanksHelp me connect this controller...-20190313_075558-jpgHelp me connect this controller...-20190313_075613-jpg

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