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    I have got a cnc lathe slant bed of jyoti fanuc oi tf controller 2 axis.. the issue which I am facing is that few weeks back one of my employee crashed the machine and I have got the engineers of the company and got the allignments fixed of head (spindle) -.110 in the length of 200mm, and z -.300 under 0.20... But the issue is still it gives taper of +0.030 in the length of 45 mm.... Can't think of what could be the issue as it doesn't even makes any sound of breakdown....if I use the maximum boring bar which is 40 mm for the machine there's no taper or misalignment on the use of below 40 boring bars like 32 or 25 on smaller Id workpieces. It shows taper of 0.030 on 45 mm length. Can anyone help don't know what could be the issue..
    As the company service people of jyoti isn't much of help because on id theres no taper just on id and using boring bar holders below 40... Theres no load on any motor or spindle

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    Hi Rishi,

    1. Are you sure your dialing numbers are correct? They look absolutely absurd to me (Tolerances are much tighter on all CNC machines- it should be 0.004 or 0.005, not 0.11 or 0.2)
    2. Check your turret. If the turret is damaged or misaligned you might see results like this. Try moving the 40 boring bar to the 32/25 boring bar location and see if this changes your results.
    3. Check which area of your Z travel you are working on. Sometimes one part of the guideway is damaged/worn out and if this is the case the results will vary. How old is your machine?
    4. Jyothi tech guys normally know their work- we have a VMC850 and they have been very supportive. Do try calling in a different service engineer if the current one is unable to help.

    I would suggest posting your requests with a better subject in order to get better responses from the forum

    Best of luck


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Accident repair

Accident repair

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