Im on misumi pricing out some shafts that I need. These will be used on performance rc helicopters. Main shaft is 12mm hollow. Feathering shaft is 10mm with ends tapped for m6, tail shaft is 6mm. All 3 need good tolerance for bearing fit, main shaft will have a delrin slide bushing, tail shaft will have a brass slide bushing.
Misumi gives options of 440c and 52100. Also option of chrome plating. Which steel is going to be best for this application? Rigidity is important. These are obviously flown outside but not in rain or anything like that. What are gonna be pros/cons of 440c vs 52100? 440c is much more expensive, but if it's that much better to use, I'll go with it. If it mostly just comes down to corrosion resistance, the 52100 can be plated, but from my understanding, it's much harder to hit a good tolerance for the bearings with plating. Thoughts?

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