Soon I'll be getting a 4th axis for my machine. One project I eventually want to try is some helical gears. They would be mod1, a large delrin gear around 120 teeth, and an aluminum pinion, around 14 teeth. I'm using a vfd controlled spindle with a minimum rpm of 6k. Obviously very high sfm for a 2 inch diameter gear cutter. What's gonna happen if I try to cut teeth into aluminum at 6k rpm with plenty of coolant? No way it's gonna work? That's about 3000sfm. What makes me wonder is the fact that I can cut 1/2 aluminum plate on my table saw no problem with excellent cuts. That's a 12inch blade at 4k, something ridiculous like 12000 sfm. Why is it that this can work, but running a gear cutter at 3k sfm cant? Or can it? If there's just no chance it can work, I already have plans to build a belt driven gear reduction for my spindle if needed, but I figured I would ask first.

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