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    Default Stepper driver set up

    Hi folks
    I have converted a ten high 6040 with s as new Ruida controller
    I have a couple of issues
    The machine has nema 17 motors
    I have ( purchased leadshine drivers 562 I think that came with a pair of nema 23
    I don’t want to put the motors in as it is a lot of faff making new mounts ect
    The drivers I just can’t get running the motors ( nema 17 ) well
    The x is perfect but if I use same dip settings for y it’s awful I just don’t know where to start
    Anyone got a Ruida machine with drivers and nema 17 motors? If so can you give me your dip settings
    I also have a issue with laser
    It cuts fine but engrave is missing laser fire pulse I didn’t know if the oversized drivers are pulling to much power during an engrave
    Any help appreciated

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    Default Re: Stepper driver set up

    Stepper driver settings do two things. Sets the revolutions per step and how much power is used to drive the motor.
    I would ask it to cut a simple square then play with the units setting until it’s correct. You can also get it close and tune with software settings

    Power is a trade off between loosing steps at high accelerations and heating up the motor. Just lower power if it gets hot in long cuts.

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Stepper driver set up

Stepper driver set up

Stepper driver set up