Good afternoon from the USA:

I am looking for a SSLE laser to do 3d photo crystals here in the united states. I am considering importing a less-expensive Chinese laser, and I am considering the SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive Cerion C-Jet2 laser.

Some years ago several people here mentioned that the Chinese lasers were of poor quality, poor reliability. Is this still the case?

1. On Alibaba, some of the vendors are still selling the old style chinese SSLE lasers. How can one spot the newer generation SSLE lasers?

2. Which Chinese vendors/manufacturers are recommended as being reliable for SSLE lasers?

3. Or, is the Cerion C-Jet2 3D Laser engraving machine so much better than the Chinese SSLE's that we should shut up and pay US$85,000?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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