I need help troubleshooting my laser tube (Reci 100w S4) It is beginning to get a bit old, and I am now having trouble cutting some materials, especially dense 2-3mm cardboard. It might be time for a replacement, but before that, I need to make sure there’s nothing wrong with current the setup.

First of all, the beam alignment is spot on and the mirrors and lens are clean.

The colour inside laser tube is violet when operating/ignited (would mean it’s still good right? Used to be more pink/magenta tho…) . When cutting @ 30%, I am reading the following on the power supply (Reci P14):

Input -V: 237VAC
Input -S: 1.7V/L
Output-A: 05.1mA
Output-V: 17.0kV

Isn’t 5.1mA too low?

I am using a Ruida RDC6445G as controller. And the vendor/laser settings are as following:

Laser attenuation: 0.0%

Enable control: Yes
MaxPower: 85%
MinPower: 10%
Laser frequency: 20.000
Preignition frequency: 5000
Preignition pulse: 0.5
Signal level: Low

I’ve wired the controller to the laser power supply as suggested in the Ruida manual, using the TL port. I’m concidering connecting to TH, add a jumper between 5V and IN on the laser power supply then changing signal level to high. Not sure if this would help. I also did try to adjust the current on the power supply (POT), though only turning towards high. Did not connect a multimeter, just observed the info on the display on the PSU, and there were no changes. Any suggestions or hints on how to troubleshoot further is much appreciated. Thanks.

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