Hi everybody,
I'm helping a friend to revive a very neglected JQ-Laser 1290 which has seen much better days
JQ-Laser was of no help (guess they just want to sell new machines).
On the link below, is a "history" of reconditioning the cutter/engraver which was dirty, rusty, ...

Q: does anyone have the internal circuit diagram for connections to 68-pole board that in turn connects to the dedicated PCI controller located in PC?


Whole machine cleaned, painted, HV power supply refurbished, one stepper driver changed, .......

After assembling the machine, some functions are not working: Up/Down table controll, Where the green "start" mushrom switch should be connected?

Soon new mirrors will be installed as well as the missing focusing lens, and alignment of the beam should be performed.

I'm not by the machine which is cca. 360km away, all the hard work was done by a friend of mine.

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