I'm a computer repairman in a small farming community, and a local machine shop bought a used Haas VectorMark Compact.
It was supposedly working before it was sold, but I can't see how. The particle filter was gone, and the media removed from the DI filter. I filled the DI filter with media, installed a new particle filter, and replaced the water. Now the machine tries to run, but no laser light comes out. I removed the laser head cover, and the shutter is opening, there is just no light coming out of the laser. In the diagnostic program the average laser power is about 0.40, which doesn't seem right.
I don't know where to go from here. What is likely the problem?

Another problem it has is that after the laser has "run" for a bit, it throws an error that there is insufficient cooler airflow, and the temperature sensor is at 47 C. That doesn't seem to high to me, so I don't understand that. At first it threw the error almost immediately, but i took it apart and cleaned some dirt out of the condensor, and now it will run for a couple of minutes. I did notice that one of the temperature probes was getting hot to the touch. Is this normal?
Obviously, this problem isn't worth fixing if we can't fix the first one.

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