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    I have two YAG marking machines, one is working perfectly, another got the dead module. I have a 50W fiber source and jcz v4 control card so i removed all the components from onld yag and took advantage of only the metal case. I couldnt use the galvo head cause yag use analogic head and fiber use digital so i had to bought a new head, I had the rest of the pieces: stand, beam combiner to red dot and dc power supplies .
    I took advantage of control painel case as well, removed all electronic and wires and remake all to fiber. It take five day assembling machine and more two day to make the rotary and footswitch work. I built a linear X table, this way the machine can making till 100x450mm area with 100x100mm lens or 200x450mm with 200x200mm lens. The X table is controlled by software like the rotary. Now all work fine.

    Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200107_083309_1_p-jpg Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200108_144240_1_p-jpg Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200108_144307_1_p-jpg Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200109_153653_1_p-jpg Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200111_150912_1_p-jpg Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200111_151035_1_p-jpg Assembling a 50W Fiber marking-p_20200112_204855_1_p-jpg

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Assembling a 50W Fiber marking

Assembling a 50W Fiber marking

Assembling a 50W Fiber marking