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    I am relative new to CNC Laser Cutting Machines and I am having a problem that I have not been able to figure out. I am using a Mitsubishi ML4020-F60 Fiber Optic laser machine. I don't seem to have any issues until I start cutting .375" Mild Steel. According to the chart I should use a 1.2 tip which is the same for .50" steel. It will cut the .50" all day with no issues but if I switch to .375" all of the sudden I have dross issues. I have done and re-done centering until I am blue in the face but I still cannot get rid of the dross and bad edge. What am I doing/not doing wrong? I am attaching some pics of what a part ends up looking like after it has been cut. There is a pic for each side (as the dross issue seems to only happen on one side) so that you will have a reference for what I am talking about.

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Need some guidance

Need some guidance

Need some guidance