I'm pretty new to laser cutting (we've only had our machine a month or so) and I'm operating a 2000W 4'x8' fiber laser cutter. I have been ordering our aluminum with Novacel protective laser film on it. The problem is that the air pressure from the nozzle is bubbling and peeling off the film as it cuts. To address this, the guy from the laser company recommended adding a "film cut" pass that goes through and first cuts just the film at low power/ high speed. But that adds a lot of time to every program and it still causes problems, to a lesser degree. The film gets large bubbles in it that sometimes snag the head and it still gets peeled off of the sheet some, not to mention its very noisy. I'm curious though because I have seen in several other instances where people cut with film on with no film cut pass and do not have the issues that I am having. Is there a way to fix this?

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