Today, I was cutting 3.2mm AL sheet metal. I had measuring turned off in the technology correction configuration for the program I was running (only a partial sheet was being used) And the cutting head ran off of the sheet. I was given a general collision alarm, so I cleared the obstruction. When I attempted to bring the cutting head back into the reference position, I was given another PLC alarm with error code 07117000 stating "Laser Evacuation Malfunction!" which gave the description of the motor having been overloaded, and the circuit breaker was tripped.
I am running a TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Fiber (L41) with LMC and TruDisk 3001. I am not able to home position, nor clear the error. I have checked the main switches as well as the Siemens switches in the cabinets of both the laser and the TruDisk 3001. None of them were in the tripped position. Restarting the machine does not fix the error.