Trumpf Z axis drive issues ***need help***

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Thread: Trumpf Z axis drive issues ***need help***

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    Anyone have experience troubleshooting Trumpf trulaser 3040 drive issues? Currently experiencing a series of faults related to the z axis drive system. The two major faults currently coming up are: 1. Axis z servo power unit, ground fault. These faults appear to point to the siemens drive unit itself but can they also be indicative of an issue with the elctro-magnetic drive and/or a cable problem also? Checked cable coming out of drive, going to motor for ground fault, found none. Leg to leg reading approx 23 ohms each. Ive been told that the cable could be bad but may only show itself when under load??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    When does this issue occur? Are you able to bring the Z-axis into reference with the button? Does the z-brake refuse to open? Also, did this begin after a nozzle collision?

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Trumpf Z axis drive issues ***need help***

Trumpf Z axis drive issues ***need help***