Hi all, bit long winded this but will try and be as clear as possible.
Been using a Jaichen jd6040 sp since 2008 with zero problems until........ dsp screen went blank. Have done the hold green button while re connecting to pc to re set the dsp thing. after this the visual basic add on (gms file) for coreldraw would not show any text just question marks!
Removed and re installed coreldraw/laser software.......problem persisted!
Did a clean install of windows and re installed all afore mentioned software, everything now works correctly until i go to send the file to the laser when i get a "cannot communicate with controller"
All connections seem to be good and the dsp controller has power and shows all menus as it did from new. I have tried to speak to the manufacturer but may as well bang my head against the wall !!
Don't really know how to sort this problem now and could really use some help. Thankyou

Windows XP with no internet connection
Jaichen jd6040sp laser
Rz lasercut as supplied by Jaichen
Gms file to link corel draw to Rz lasercut

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