after completing my CNC build I thought I would add a cheap laser module to get some nice touch to projects. Well it seems I may have bit off a bit more "again". I bought a cheap unit from Amazon and it arrived without any documents at all, nothing but the label on the box and that did not help at all. So I thought I would search the web, it had to be an easy thing to find as there is so much talk about "laser engraving" . There must be a thousand different posts and it looks like each one has it's own way of doing things and at the end of the day I still can't find any paperwork on this thing and so I turned here as I always do and I can't find anything here either? So if anyone might be able to help make it simple that would be great.

Here is what I have...

2.5w laser module
12v power supply (came with it)
Control box has a simple bob in it
3 axis X, Y and Z plus A for second Y drive worm
Windows 7
220V PWM control that came with the 2.2Kw spindle (it's in the control box}

I have no problem with the basic hook up I am not sure how to control the laser on/off and power control on the module itself
I have watched videos showing many different ways to connect the TTL wires coming off the module and that is where I get lost. I don't know if those wires go to the breakout board or if I need to get another breakout board for just the laser, or if there is some kind of laser control box .

this can't be that hard to hook up but I only get one chance and so I ask, can anyone help?

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