Hi everyone.
So, I'm having a problem with my laser cutter machine. It was working normal today, but know it is not working. I use lasercut 5.3 as the program to download the file to the cuttetlr and my motherboard is a Leetro MPC6515 v4.1.2.0
The problem is that every file i load, i get a dll does not match with firmware error and can not cut or even make a test. But i don't believe it's dll problem because i use a computer that never connect to the internet and always uploaded the files to the laser cutter. 2 things i notice too: i was able to cut a recent downloaded file on the machine but when marked 2:xx minutes, the machine stopped moving, the laser was off and the time was running..weird.
The second thing i notice was: some times i cannot even move x and y using the arrows or the lasercut command. Nothing happens except the beep sound and the reset position button '-'
I already tried updating the vrrsion but nothing happens.

Sorry for the long post. My question is: is this a software or motherboard issue? There's any way to fix it myself?

Thanks, any help is welcome

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