Just bought a 2.5w laser engraver and it came with zero assembly help or software. I put it together by looking at the pictures on ebay and happy with the construction of it. Now the hard part. I have never worked with lasers but I have watched one in action so I do have some understanding of how they work. I do have glasses on the way for up to a 550nw laser. This one is 450nw. My questions. The laser has a power cord but does not have a power supply. The power supply that came with it I assume is to connect to the laseraxe mini controller board. I downloaded the software and drivers from laseraxe and when I send to the engraver it acts like it is working but there is no movement of the motors. I am not sure I have them hooked correctly. So will the stepper motors work without power to the laser? It is connected to the board but that is all. Where can I get a power source for the laser? How can I be sure the drivers are in the correct file as there were no directions on where they should go. Thanks for any help.

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