Plasma Laser Troubleshooting....

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    Having an issue with my laser. Every time I go to start a program I get a message, not an error, but a message saying the beam guide ventilation pressure too low? I tried increasing the pressure but that did not change anything. Any ideas?

    Update, Somehow machine is working with no issues this morning. I think these older machines have little gremlins running around inside. Tried all kinds of things yesterday to get it working, finally came to the conclusion that it has to be the sensor that is plugged in the thing by the beam guide ventilation air valve. Noticed it was the only one that was actually hot to the touch and had an orange light that stayed light constantly. But came in this morning and machine started up fine and started running programs with no hick ups. If anyone still has any idea what can cause this besides gremlins or the ghost in the machine, please let me know.


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Plasma Laser Troubleshooting....

Plasma Laser Troubleshooting....