So I have a 130w Gweike laser with the matching power supply. I have been through a few supplies with this tube because they seem to burn out before the actual tube dies. There are also times when the connector that connects the power supply to the tube burns out ( Typically is these burn out, I just replace the connector and keep going. A few weeks back I was all out of replacement connectors, so I used basic clam connectors (

Surprisingly, the clam connectors actually worked fine! Until a few days ago when they started burning through. So I would replace them and within 24 hours the current would burn through them again. Today, I replaced them and immediately with a PULSE, there was a HUGE spark that escaped through the connection. I decided I was done with this, so I installed the typical large connectors as I had received some spares. When I hit PULSE this time, there was another HUGE spark, but this time the power connecting end of the tube.

So something is amiss. The power supply knows to send a pulse (although the amp meter does not show any movement). There is a large amount of electricity there. It just keeps escaping instead of going into the tube.

Does ANYONE want to take a stab at this one? Could it be something with the GROUND? I know a little about electricity, but not enough to fiddle any more than I already have.

As always, thanks for any insight. And feel free to bust my chops for using a basic nylon connector in the first place.

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