I tried to update firmware on my machine, the firmware did not take and in turn also deleted the old firmware version at least to my knowledge. I spoke with jor link and they are checking with the manufacturer. They said there is a chance that I may have to purchase a different main board which has a version of firmware loaded on it. They stated that even if they can get hold of a new main board for this machine that it will be around 1600. I am not going to spend that kind of money for a new mainboard and am concerned that I may have bricked the machine. Does anyone have advice on this or possible ran into this issue before? It looks like there is a DB connector inside the machine that is possibly used for diagnostic purposes or possibly uploading firmware at the factory. A friend of mine suggested that a possible option is to get a version of mach 3 cnc control and run the machine off that but I'd rather reload the machines firmware if this is possible. I'm also looking for the correct version of firmware for this machine as I am concerned this is the reason it didn't accept the update to begin with. Any help would be much appreciated.


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