Hey Gals & Guys,

Having a 'small' issue here. Bought this (https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers...pp_242560.html) laser engraver just to have some fun, like engraving the kids names in their school-pencils, logo's on usb-stick's, etc.
Connected the devices as described, installed drivers and started software (NEJE Miniature Laser Carver all on a windows 10.
Can engrave inserted text but can not drag and drop any image to the software. Tried different sizes, file-types, .... Refuses to accept any file dropped in the software.
Did the same in a virtual machine running windows 7 and same result.
Anyone who has some ideas where or what to look for?
Any alternative software that can run with this laser engraver?

Hope you can help me out as a search on the big www came out with nothing :-(



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