Need Help! Unusual 'ridges' in laser engraved areas

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Thread: Unusual 'ridges' in laser engraved areas

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    Default Unusual 'ridges' in laser engraved areas

    Hi All,

    I have a chinese 700x500 machine and I have noticed 'ridges' in the engraved area... attaching pictures of some in plywood and also plastic.

    I am using the RDWorks plugin for CorelDraw and seem to have no issues with anything there. Have taken all the default settings.

    Thoughts on cause?

    I know the pictures kinda suck and it's hard to see but there are ridges in the engraved area running from right to left.

    Maybe a little easier to see in the black areas of the engraving

    Thanks in advance,


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Unusual 'ridges' in laser engraved areas

Unusual 'ridges' in laser engraved areas