I have a Wire EDM machine model “FANUC MATRA TAPE CUT MODEL I”. It is an old machine but still works well

Couple of weeks ago power supply unit was destroyed, some wires were peeled off and made a short circuit.

I found exactly the same unit, and replaced it. After replacement I had to initialize bubble memory and enter parameters.

Power Unit could be seen on the link below:


While machine worked well, I saved parameters so that was an easier part.

All machine functionalities after params are entered works well, except for data transmission. I am not able to send program from computer to machine over RS232 cable.

That functionality before worked well.

When I try to send, EDIT command is blinking on machine screen which tells me that machine is in mode to accept program but nothing happens. What could be the reason?

Also, another thing I have noticed is the number of parameters I am able to enter now. Before I had around 600 lines, now I have 400. Could that cause this problem?

Does this mean that bubble memory is not initialized well?

Looking for advices, what I can try?? Having hard time of entering programs manually. It takes too much time, and chances of errors are high.

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