Hi all, we are experiencing some problems on our Fanuc Robocut alpha 1iD with Fanuc series 310is-WA control.

We use Edgecam 2016 to do programs for more complex profiles and set tapers and clearances on the machine control.
Lately it has not been cutting square, we check that each job is parallel before loading on the machine then run a micron clock along two sides and the top to confirm the job is square.
Now with all this we still get that the profiles do not come out square after cutting. we mostly do a second cut on settings that are supposed to give better accuracy than the recommended cutting conditions.
as a note we do wire alignment after each job is done.
mostly the profiles are cut scew as if wire alignment was out but we have had jobs that were cut taper without any taper settings active.

Any Ideas on what our problem could be or something else we can check will be appreciated

ps. we have clocked the top of the table and at max varies 0.04mm which is much less than the variation on the cuts taken.(between 0.2mm and 0.5mm on 35mm thickness)


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