I have a Precision Plasma 4x4 table, CandCNC control (Bladerunner), CandCNC DTHC, and am using Sheetcam to Mach3 at the table.

I made a 2" square and used inches for the units at each opportunity I was given. I tooled it in Sheetcam, placed it at X,0 Y,0 and used the MP1000-THC post to make the G code. I made sure that lower left was selected at each chance.

At the table, I zeroed X and Y on a piece of plate, opened and ran the G code with Mach3.

The Torch traveled to Y+12 approximately and then dropped the torch to a table crash. Never fired.

Just wondering what I am doing wrong. Really want this initial basic test cut! Located not far from Hagerstown, Maryland (in case I got a helpful neighbor nearby).