I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Mg Industries plasma tables? I've lurked around on here long enough and searched the internet over the past few months to figure out that the DNC 2.8 control is similar to something called Burny 2.5 I believe. It does have "burny servo-pak" on the side of it with the model # MNF-08953.
The machine moves and appears like it will work. Some of the belts I'll need to change on it but when I ran whatever program I found in the controller without the plasma machine hooked up it seemed to go through its paces.

What I'd like to know is if there is anyway to easily upload custom profiles to the controller from my computer? It has what I think is called a short range modem on top of it, and I found a serial port adaptor on it. (Serial to serial, I think in the book it said something about needing this adaptor to upload to it).

Is this controller something that can be updated to something newer or easier to program?

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