I have an Easy Loader CNC plasma table that was built by Precision Cutting Systems Inc. of Calgary AB. Canada.
In researching this company, it looks like they made their own tables for a while and then started importing tables form China and rebranding them. I bought this table from a community college welding program. They were never able to make it work and had done some interesting trouble shooting (like cutting the machine torch head off.
I have had the table for about four-years, four moves, and two job changes. I have never got around to doing anything with it. I would like to change that.

The table appears to be well built and heavy duty. The main arm is a cantilever design and it appears to have very little play in it.

The y-axis has a motor marked STEEPING MOTOR 86HS114DF05 2008-11-20

The x-axis has a motor marked STEEPING MOTOR 90HS65DE053 2009-1-16.

The z-axis is a Dayton 2L008

When I research these motors the y-axis motor looks very similar to a NEMA 34.

The x-axis looks to be a NEMA 23.

A Hypertherm Sensor OHC was connected to the torch holder.

The control box has two ISD110-8 stepping motor drivers. The board is a PMDX-122 S/N 26636.

The board has a parallel port connection.

My question is what would be the easiest/cheapest way to get this machine up and running. Would I be better off going with an entire electronics package upgrade or see if it will run with a PMDX-411 which is an adapter/dongle that goes between the parallel port and a usb that allows you to run Mach 4. I just don't know if it will run on the old PMDX-122. I have already asked that question on the PMDX forum and am waiting for an answer.

Thanks in advance,


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