Need Help! cut issues with Trucut series one

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Thread: cut issues with Trucut series one

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    Question cut issues with Trucut series one

    I am new to plasma cutting without any training (i understand operation just not hwo to troubleshhot/fix the machine)
    I am runnning a Trucut series one plasma with match 3 and a hyperderm powermax 105 in a welding and fabrication warehouse

    The Trucut series one plasma cutter has continued to have cutting issues. It is now hooked up to its own air compressor, previously it was not, this solved any air pressure issues i previously had with cut quality.
    When cutting, it will cut simple shapes like circles and stars, but once the torch lifts to cut an inside contour the torch either does not cut at all or cuts the inner contours partially.
    When this happens the torch will continue to move but no plasma comes out, only air when the cut fails.
    (consumables have been replaced several times as well)

    I am unsure if this is an issue with THC or not (ive tried to calibrate the machine previously but it didnt seem to really do much), but I also emailed the manufacture and they have not gotten back to my email or calls, so I was wondering if anyone here knew what issue i keep running into

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    Default Re: cut issues with Trucut series one

    Are you getting any kind of error code on the Hypertherm when the torch misfires?

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cut issues with Trucut series one

cut issues with Trucut series one

cut issues with Trucut series one