Good day everyone, I hope you can give me some help with this issue:

1. Problem:
I am setting up my fresh new CNC Plasma cutting table. When I try to make it work I receive a "E3" error message that means there's a problem with the voltage divider because it doesn't receive all the amperes it needs. As a result, the arc pilot doesn't start.

2. Context:
I have a LXP-1530 CNC Plasma Cutting Table, working with a Huayuan Plasma LGK-200 and controlled by a XPTHC-4H.

3. What the provider told me:
To make a circuit through the aux control input. The arc should have happened but it didn't. Please see attached video in mp4 format.

4. What I've done so far:
- I tested the cables going in/out the voltage divider. It seems to be ok.
- I changed the nozzle.
- I checked the air pressure.

Now the provider told me maybe the voltage divider is broken. Having a quick look it seems to be okay but I would like to double check it before I buy a new one.
I'm open to any new idea to make it work. Thanks in advance!

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