i've been lurking around for a long while and have tried to get as much info as I can from the site. I've mostly done workworking, but thinking of getting into metal work. I have an old machine that I built that uses mach 3 and would like to convert it over to a plasma table. it is all made out of steel so i don't believe that strength will be an issue. I just really don't know what would be a good entry level plasma cutter machine would be. I was looking at the Powermax 30, but have also read that it's not recommended for CNC use. My biggest concerns at this point are obviously cost and load as I would just be running this in my home garage. I have a 60 gallon air compressor so I think the air part of things is taken care of. I just don't want to get something that cannot be used.

https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/5-...kit-st-v2.html - Breakout board being used with Mach 3

Let me know if I need to provide more information to help determine this, but really just looking for something to get me started. I would anticipate max metal thickness less than 1/4"

Thank you,


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