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    I'm looking at getting a cnc table, starting with oxy acetylene (due to budget and thickness of metal) and later adding a plasma cutter. I have plenty of experience running a torchmate 4800 table and have done OA hand cutting but not cnc. Does anyone have any tips specifically for OA cnc? Will I be able to have auto ignite and automatically fire cut mode? From what I understand OA requires more operator attention than plasma. What exactly does the operator have to do during the cut? Can anyone run me through the process for making a cut? Is height control an option or even necessary?

    some details about what I'm trying to do: cutting simple flanges from mild steel plate from 3/4" thick to 2". Looking at a 5x10 table with water bed. As funds allow I would add a plasma cutter, probably the hypotherm 85 since that's the biggest I can do on my current power.

    brands I'm looking at are starlab and shopsabre

    thanks for any help, want to learn on all I can before spending my money

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Cnc oxy fuel

Cnc oxy fuel