I am trying to contact Shanghai Capital Numerical to obtain help with their SEC500 controller but they don't seem to have a support email or a working ticketing system.
Their KT510 controller is inside the SIEG iKX3 and seems to talk to the SEC500 system. SIEG don't seem to understand when I ask them how I could use the additional USER outputs on the controller. The product looks very good so I assume that I am just having a language problem with these folk.

There is an online document "SEC500 PLC Manual" that describes everything I need to know but it refers to a software package for editing their ladder diagram, and that software is not shipped with the CNC machine. I gleaned from the agent in Spain that you get the software included with the controller if you buy it from them. Of course I don't want to purchase a second controller just to obtain the software.

Is anyone able to help with a contact person at Shanghai Capital Numerical, or even provide a copy of the software?

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