Hey guys,

So I was thinking of buying a Grizzly (probably G0704) milling machine and converting it to a CNC. There are a lot of tutorials and my friend has made one with a grizzly so I could potentially have some help there. There is a lot of hobby stuff I would like to do with for gunsmithing, RC cars, and automotive which is what got me interested into the CNC stuff. I also think that it could be a nice source of income on the side if I sold some parts. Over the years in these 3 hobbies I have seen people sell parts that I thought were overpriced and that I could make for less if I had a CNC. If I was able to buy a G0704 used for under $1000 and have potentially have my friend CNC me some of the components to convert it I think I could be up and running under $2500. I would need bits and most likely a flood coolant setup on top of that. Do you think that if I already have a list of products that I'm wanting to produce that it could potentially work?

I appreciate all input.


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