Hello everyone!
I'm a student from Politecnico di Torino and I'm looking for advice to make a feasibility study for the production of a microfluidic device for the detection of meningitis in low resources areas.

The device is composed of two PDMS layers 350 mm x 150 mm x 50 mm and we have to drill 8 holes of 2.00 mm diameter and 1.00 mm depth in one layer and 4 holes of 1.00 mm diameter and 1.00 depth in the other one.Microfluidic channels will be made using a laser cutter.
We need a production of about 300.000 devices per year(600.000 layers).

I was looking for the right CNC machine to fulfill these requirements. I saw machines from Datron as the Datron NEO but having no expertise in CNC production I have no clue if that may be a good choice.
Would it be possible also have an esteem of the cost of the machine and its operational costs?

Thank you in advance

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