I've been watching the cnc machines on ebay and other places and noticed that the asking prices seem to be high. I've had several quotes from Mazak and Okuma and found that the asking prices are the same as many of the newer machines on ebay. Also the vast majority of machines on ebay are being sold by dealers .
Another thing I've noticed is that the price of new machines doesn't seem to rise as much as the performance does . I bought a 2000 Yamage techno with a fanuc omd control in 2010 for 10k. It had a worn out spindle which cost me 3300 to have rebuilt along with other minor things. For the amount that machine went for new 18 years ago I could buy a new machine from a more reputable builder.
What causes people to buy 10 year old machines for 3/4 the price of new? Is it that hard to get a loan? Are they buying the machines under the table to not send a red flag to the irs? Why can't people sell their own machines?

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