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I institute a power removal during E-stop as per N.A. regs for the VFD, some were concerned about the removal while the spindle was in operation, for this I included a VFD At-zero detect using one of the configured VFD outputs.
This then satisfies the NFPA regs for a class 1, controlled stop.If the spindle is in motion.
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As I have posted before it's always a bad idea to be cycling the VFD Drives main power On /Off on a regular basis, even manufactures list this as a problem in there manuals

Hobby users hit the big red button just to stop there machine, instead of a regular stop button so this is a sure way to kill the life of the VFD Drive if they are using a contactor

I myself have many commercial CNC machine's and have never used an Estop ever to stop a machine not even to shut a machine down but you see people doing it, and wonder why they have problems

So one has to look at there systems and see how the Estop circuit can be used for the safest operations

Or they need to have 2 circuits one as a safety circuit and one as a machine Stop