Just a little background: We do relief carving in large alligator juniper slabs for art and furniture. We had a PRT Alpha Shopbot 48 for 5 years. It had inherent issues that we could not work with any longer so we went looking for an upgrade. After several months of searching, reading stats, and testing models, we found the Patriot by Freedom Machine Tool in Colorado! The machine is here and running. Awesome is an understatement. I would compare it this way: it's like I was driving a Ford Focus and then traded up to a BMW (I'll reserve Ferrari for a 5 axis). The cutting power and detail is phenomenal.

So all you guys looking to trade UP and have questions, Reese and I will be happy to answer any we can. We are newbies to the machine now, but we plan on becoming seasoned users as time allows. I'll try and post a pic of one of the carvings we are working on right now. Henry (the machine is named for Patrick Henry the Patriot) is going to be an awesome member of our team.

We are excited to hear from other Patriot owners as well.


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