So dismantled my working machine because couldn't afford the rent of the place.
Now we have for sale these. All parts are dismantled from fully operational machine.
Complete Fanuc 15m controller with cables with their connectors https://imgur.com/a/y1G8N2p more images coming if needed. Price 4000€
Kitagawa Rotary Axis Fanuc https://imgur.com/a/py4tYTX with cables and drivers. Price 2000€
BT40 Oil cooled belt driven spindle https://imgur.com/a/IBeoRcc If you want just the spindle without frame thats possible. With frame 1000€ without frame 1500€ because dismounting it takes little bit work.
Fanuc servos and drivers https://imgur.com/a/OHVlXBz more motors images coming soon. Driver + Cables + Servo Price 1000€/per pack for cable lengths and details if needed will be provided.
Metallic chip covers https://imgur.com/a/gD84T4q Price: 250€/Piece
T-Slot table with Ballscrew https://imgur.com/a/BCmQ4Pq Price: 1500€
All parts are in Finland. Buyer is responsible of duties, taxes and shipping costs.

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