I am selling 5 new, unused servomotors ClearPath CPM-MCPV-3421P-RLN
They can be controlled by I/O signals, switches, buttons, PLC, etc.
They can be easily used for tool magazine indexing or other movements that want to be executed through I/O (input/output) signals.
Operating modes:
Torque control - 1 mode
Velocity control - 4 modes
Position control - 6 modes
Oscilloscope integrated in the software.
Bought directly from the manufacturer with VAT and Customs, I paid 487 euro for one motor

The price for one motor is 380 euros transport not included.
Please study the motor data sheet carefully: https://teknic.com/model-info/CPM-MC..._voltage=75VDC

Servomotor ClearPath-img_20191118_094305-jpg,Servomotor ClearPath-img_20210118_120717-jpg

Contact: dastera.services@gmail.com

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