We recently purchased a used Techno CNC with 8 position auto tool changer, running Flash Cut version 4. We really need some help and advice on the ‘user variable’ requirements to allow the M6 macro to function. Keep getting an error message that the Flash Cut help desk says has to do with setting up the ‘user variables ‘ We have found their manual lacking in certain information that clearly explains what variables need to be defined and how we input them into the user variable set up screen. Our Techno did not come with any manuals and have since learned there are non available as this was built as a 1 off using flash cut, and
at this point neither techno or flash cut seem to be able to help us figure this out. Would be great to see if there are any FC users fairly close to us who could share
some of their knowledge of this software to allow us to set this machine up and get it running. Thanks

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