Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to know how to create a program for Fidia.

Imagine such a situation.

Initiates a long (6h) cnc finishing program. Every half an hour I would like fidia to go to the measurement laser. First of all, it would be checking whether there is still a tool. If present, check for dimensional tolerances: diameter, radius, length.

If the conditions are met, it continues with the pre-measurement program.

In case of tool damage or wear, initiation of the tool change with the same one and restart of the program from the last positive measurement.

What cycle to use? Can the IF statement be used to check whether the tool variable is within tolerance? I can apply labels to the program. I can divide the 6 hour program into 30 minutes blocks if it helps.

I read the manual about the cycle: 231 and 236. A good lead?

Thank you for your help.

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