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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What is a Donation Contributor?

A donation supporter is a person who has made a money donation to the site.

If I sign-up will my email be used for Spam?

Absolutely NOT! You have the option to receive an email every time a person has posted a new thread or a new post to a thread you're subscribed too. On occasions you will receive an email from the owners of the site informing it's members of the contests or other pertinent site information.

What is a Gold Member?

A Gold Member is any member that has ether donated to the site or donated to get unlimited gallery space. Being a Gold member gives you unlimited upload in the photo gallery, 50 email limits, you can also change your user title name. You also will get a donation contributor under you user name. ********** The Gold and Silver memberships have been discontinued effective January 1, 2016. **********

What do I do if a user is breaking the rules of the site?

If a user is not following the rules of conduct for CNCzone, any member can repost them to the management team buy ether clicking on the report post to moderator link that is in every post OR emailing any moderator. It's not always possible for the moderator to catch everything and we could really use your help in keeping the site a high quality of information.

What is a Support Forum Moderator?

A Support Forum Moderator is a person would represent the company for which they moderate. As a Support Forum Moderator they have the ability to move threads, close threads and remove threads. They do not have the ability to delete your post, they are their to keep their section free of unfounded attacks against their products that they sell.

Adding pictures to my posts

To add a picture(s) to your post, click the manage attachment links, their you will see the files that are allowed for uploading. Beware that picture can only be under 800 x 800 and under KB. Than simply browses for you file(s) for upload on your hard drive and click upload. When you summit your post your attachments will follow.

How do I post or reply?

To post a question or reply to one, go into the forum that you want to post a question in and click the big button in the upper left that says "NEW THREAD" or if you want to reply to a thread click the big button that says " POST REPLY" or scroll to the botton and type your message in the big empty box that says "QUICK REPLY".

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