Hi, I am building a CNC router table from parts on hand!

The table is 2000mm x 900mm. A steel gantry loves along the long axis and carries the Z axis assemble which has about 150mm travel.

The 900mm axis I have designated X and is moved by a stepper from an old (big) IBM printer, the Z axis uses the same motor, they both use a 2mm pitch threaded rod.

The 2000mm (Y) axis has two threaded rods connected by roller chain and driven by a (modified) F&P washing machine motor.

I am using GRBL and Arduino to drive the motors. JK1545 for the steppers and 3DM683 for the washer motor.

I am in the final stages of assembly.

Things are looking good but I am worried about the speed of the Y axis, it is presently geared for .01mm per step but I am afraid the Y rapid will be very slow so I am considering putting a larger sprocket on the washer motor. The motor has arm-breaking torque but is not fast.

Do you think .01mm per step is good? Could I make it coarser?



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