we have a Mori-Seiki MV-40 in the shop. The old lady is still going strong...

...but now she has a problem.

When searching for the Y-Axis reference point in the morning, the machine throws an PS-200 error.
Surprisingly after 10 to 20 minutes later (machine still on and warming up) it works and the machine is then usable the rest of the day.

We already replaced the switch for the reference point and we also checked in tjhe control, that the switch is working. Changed nothing!

I would like to check the pulse encoder for a missing Z-signal, but I can't find the correct pinout of the encoder plug on the motor.

The type of the drive: A06B-0314-B032 (Red cap AC drive)

Any further suggestions / tips for us? Can anybode help us with the pinout?

Thanks, Holger

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