Hey yall, I am trying to alias out the m6 tool change so that the machine will home the z, stop the spindle, coolant, and if needed go to a safe tool change position.
Here is my code:

O9021 (M6 ALIAS)
G53 Z0.
IF[#531 EQ 1] THEN G53 X-40. Y0. (SAFE TC POS)
T#20 M6

The problem I am running into is that all of our programs call tool changes with the T# on the same line, but before the M6, ex- "T19 M6;" When in this configuration, T19 does not get passed into variable #20, but if I switch it to "M6 T19;" then #20 gets populated. Is there are parameters to tell the control to ignore the order in which the T# and M6 are called in?

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