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    Question Old Wasino With OT-B

    I am trying to help a customer with an old Wasino LG-50 from 1986 , with OT-B ( cnc card A16B-1010-0286/13B )
    Have been working with newer controls , but not as old as this the last years . I have read in some of the treads that , ( if im right) there was a change between the A-B and CD controls , as this one do not have any soft keys .
    Does anybody have some knowledge about this control ? What was the number of the maintenance manual , or do anyone have a scan to pdf ?
    I need to see the inputs and outputs ( shown in some diagnostic parameter ?? List ) , as the machine have an function for a loader with M34-M35 , which I can see comes active , but how they are finished (FIN)??
    I have found to inputs from LS 34-35 , but they do not cancel (FIN) the M code ? or maybe it needs a whole sequence .
    Does anybody have the Ladder and /or Diagnostic list for either this type or a Wasino from the same age .
    We have the electrical drawings , and a installation instruction , but nothing on the cnc.

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    I have some experience with that control. Have printed manuals butnot scanned.

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    Thanks for the reply memoryman , I have PM you with some suggestions of a solution.

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Old Wasino With OT-B

Old Wasino With OT-B

Old Wasino With OT-B