Hello to everyone, please help me.

I am IT in a company EPSI (Industrial refrigeration) in Greece and we have a Fanuc punching machine (i think is called O-P) with handy file installed.
Until now we use old floppy disk to transfer cn files to fanuc, but as we all know floppy disk is about to stop.
I buy from e-bay an floppy disk to usb emulator (the seller claims that it works with fanuc) but not working property.
some times read and loading program to memory and sometimes give ups error.
i read so many posts to connect fanuc to pc and use cnc program to transfer files but i am confuse!
can anyone help me?
i use handy file cable (rs232c) with diy adapter to connect to pc rs232 port or is different cable that i need to buy?
i am really confuse because i don't see external power for handy file unit and i believe they sent power over rs232 and i am afraid in case of wrong connection they fry something.
thanks in advantage

sorry for my bad English

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