Hi Everybody,

I'm a IT developer for a Quality-Management Software and I'm on a new project which poses me a lot of troubles. I'm programming in Delphi (Embarcadero) and have never done CNC programming since yet (That's why i'm lost).

From our software, we want to be able to make tool corrections directly on Fanuc CNCs (and other models later (Mitschubischi, Siemens, ..).

That's why I was interested on the software "INVENTCOM" which seems to me totally adapted to this project, I did a lot of research and I found a lot of information on data acquisition but very poor informations on sending data to the machine.

I found this web site : https://www.inventcom.net/support/cn...ice-parameters
which explains how to do it, but it is impossible for me to know exactly which parameters (Start and end) and / or which method used ?

This page https://www.inventcom.net/support/fa...iversal-driver
related number of functions from focas, but always for acquisition data.

In the end, as explained, I don't want to make acquisition data, but just be able to send data to the CNC, allowing me to make tool corrections directly on the machine (offset).

Could you show me a way to better understand all this ? And in a perfect Way do you have some exemple to show me ?

Have a nice day !

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